The online-banking project we completed for Vostok Bank

The online-banking project we completed for Vostok Bank

We are pleasantly surprised! We’ve heard from a number of our readers asking why we haven’t published anything for so long a time. Sincere thanks for your enquiries and your interest in our work. We’re immensely pleased that you’ve let us know once again that we’ve got a devoted public.

The simple truth is that we’ve been engrossed in several projects which have distracted us from the blog. Incidentally, we desperately wanted to leave on holiday, but in the end decided against it. The work load just wouldn’t permit it.

Enough of the mundane news. Today we took a firm decision to write an extensive case study on the online-banking project we completed for Vostok Bank.

In relating some of the more absorbing aspects of the project, we thought our readers would enjoy a full and detailed account of the work we did, along with a fresh look at a number of the particulars we don’t usually describe.

With that goal in mind, we have divided the project into its most pertinent sections. Today we’d like to start with the first of these by describing our approach to Vostok’s online banking service, including the enrollment process and the My Money page, along with its composite parts, such as bank cards, instant actions, getting a clear and instant read of balances, filtration and layouts.

As always, thanks for staying tuned in.