B&N Bank Case Studies: Online Banking and Mobile Apps

We’re pleased to announce our new case study.

When the Soviet Union dissolved at the beginning of the 1990s, throughout the new Russia thousands of banks sprang up virtually overnight. Most of them were underfinanced and, as a result, quickly disappeared. B&N Bank was among the early ones to open its doors and remains in the top 2 or 3% of Russian banks up to the present day.

The focus of the entire project was the creation of an easy-to-use system of online and mobile banking for B&N’s commercial division, which would make it remarkably simple for a customer to receive a credit card without coming to the bank and then to use the card with equal ease.

An unforeseen complication was the bank’s corporate identity and visual style, which had been independently designed by a branding agency. As the directors were sufficiently pleased with their brand book, we were expected to work within its confines. In the end, however, we convinced them to adopt much of the insightful groundwork for bank-service designs, which had already become a main feature of our Hacu solution.