OpenWay Group’s Case Studies

At long last we’ve got round to writing about one of our earlier projects dealing with technical solutions for the banking sector. This one for OpenWay Group turned out to be considerably more complex and multifaceted than originally expected.

The interfaces, which you can view on our site, represent some of the most important work completed by Softwear Finance in 2011. Leading up to the OpenWay project were two years of trial and error, experimentation and general brainstorming. Though we felt entirely at ease, it was an exciting time during which, in our own relaxed manner, we examined an endless number of approaches to solutions for online channels.

In order to make this clear by example, we found that our conception of online banking changed more or less as follows:

This, by far our biggest project in 2011, had to be completed in the shortest possible time. When our client’s board of directors chose to announce a new line of bank products, we had to accelerate the pace of our work to accommodate the announcement. We completed development of the interface in just three months; developing all the channels took some six months.