A few introductory words

Ultimately, of course, Softwear Finance designs and launches fintech solutions. We started out in 2009 and have enjoyed considerable success ever since. This page is the first in our blog in English as we approach our ambitious goal of reaching out to global markets. At the same time, we’d like to share with our readers some of the remarkable experiences we’ve had in the design of fintech solutions.

In our firm’s earliest days we worked out of an uncomfortably small design studio. Quite unexpectedly, a few new clients approached us in 2009 with requests to help solve a variety of fintech problems. These were major, well-established software companies, and as it turned out, they liked what we did for them. Word of mouth is always the best kind of advert, so these first customers told others. Little by little, new clients asked us to design interfaces for them; soon afterwards they asked us to come up with other fintech solutions.

Our new clients very much appreciated our skilful hand at design and development. They also liked the way we approached and completed the projects they turned over to us. At the start of any fintech project, we don’t just sketch out attractive interface drawings for mobile banking and online banking. First of all, we perform a highly detailed analysis of the following:

  • the business processes involved in the services our clients provide;
  • the customers and users these services are intended for;
  • the particular products and services our clients want to sell by virtue of the fintech solution we provide.

In 2012 and 2013 we came to realise that each of our client banks requires a very particular sort of fintech solution, especially if it’s a bank that pays sincere attention to the convenience of its customers. We now have a comprehensive understanding of the most effective ways for a bank or other financial institution to sell its products and services through remote banking channels, how such an institution can best set up its marketing strategy, and how it can easily justify the comparatively minor expense of initiating online banking and mobile banking.

By the same token, some rather insightful work in developing software has shown us how to make user-written code consistent through the platform we call Hacu, our registered shorthand for ‘happy customer’.

At present, Softwear Finance consists of an experienced team specialising in finding appropriate solutions for some of the most fascinating aspects of financial technology. Until 2014 our work principally consisted of finding fintech solutions for Russian and Ukrainian companies. In that year, however, we participated in Finovate Europe in London and decided on a new course which would lead us to work with clients in the European and US markets. This post is a sort of short introduction as we move ahead on our new path. And as we trudge along, we’ll regularly provide useful information and share some of our experience with our readers. We hope you’ll find our blog worth reading and, in some respects, even absorbing.